About Us

CXO Club, founded in 2015, is an elite business network with thousands of CXOs across a breadth of industries. We aim to provide a platform for CXOs to connect, exchange ideas, share and discuss common challenges, and engage with business leaders while having fun. CXO Club also aims to serve as the focal point for business development and growth.

CXO Club provides the opportunity for “Learning and Growing the business while having fun”.

CXO Club organizes seminars, conferences, meet-ups, and other events to facilitate peer-to-peer collaboration and connect to the unique world of business opportunities. The membership to the club is exclusive and by invitation only.

Currently, the CXO Club spans all major cities with local chapters and has members from Healthcare, IT, Media and Entertainment, Banking, Telecom, FMCG, and E-Commerce, among many other industries.



Our Mission

Our mission is to support our members in their roles as business leaders and help them grow their businesses through networking, knowledge enhancement and exploration and creation of business opportunities.

Our Core Values

Integrity-Acting with honesty and honour

Commitment-Committing to great service that impacts the lives of all stakeholders

Diversity-Giving the best composition of network platform built upon various industries

Leadership-Everyone is a leader in their own domain. We promote our members and employees to make themselves visible and promote their views.