CXO Club Consulting - Access the Best Executives Advice and Resources


CXO Club is an elite network of CXOs through which members connect, communicate, exchange ideas, share common challenges and have fun at same time. With a strong network of about 2000+ CXO members with combined work experience of 40000+ years, ours is one of the fastest growing clubs in the country. Our members are from diverse industries like Healthcare, IT, Media and Entertainment, Banking, Telecom, FMCG, E-Commerce and many more.



  1. To provide high quality consulting services to business enterprises, entrepreneurs and voluntary organizations.
  2. To give members from CXO club a chance to understand and work on some challenging real life problem, in a sector they might be interested.


CXO Club maintains a strong industry partnership through various initiatives. Through consulting projects, business enterprises, entrepreneurs and voluntary organizations get a chance to discuss and get expert guidance from our esteemed members who have experience dealing with similar problems. Apart from giving guidance, we also assist companies with small assignments with virtual CXO requirement, where in our members work with the company as a virtual CXO and consult them on key problems.


Our Approach

  • Project Acquisition: A corporate approaches us with a consulting project with proper project specifications, client expectations, skill set requirements and the expected time frame. Our team helps defining and refining these, if required.
  • Gauging Member Interest: We float the project to our members, and we gauge the intent level of our members in pursuing the project.
  • Team Selection: Based on interest, we provide the corporate with a list of interested people interested in the project. The corporate selects one or many of these and goes ahead with the project.
  • Feedback: At the end of the project, feedback is solicited in order to gain valuable insights on the execution of the assignment.

Interested corporates may send an email at with proper details about the project in order to get started.