Mentoring Support


CXO Club is an elite network of CXOs through which members connect, communicate, exchange ideas, share common challenges and have fun at same time. With a strong network of about 2000+ CXO members with combined work experience of 40000+ years, ours is one of the fastest growing clubs in the country. Our members are from diverse industries like Healthcare, IT, Media and Entertainment, Banking, Telecom, FMCG, E-Commerce and many more.



  1. To enrich young CXOs and small companies by providing mentorship from elite network of CXOs
  2. To provide a platform for our members to offer mentorship to others and help newcomers achieve their goals, build a stronger professional network and an opportunity to create a legacy and leave behind a lasting impact


Benefits for becoming a Mentee

  1. Gets advice on career development from an experienced person in similar or same field
  2. Develops more effective job search strategies
  3. Builds an elite professional network
  4. Identifies ways to leverage experience and skills

Benefits for becoming a Mentor

  1. Enhances leadership and coaching skills
  2. Develops cross-cultural communication skills
  3. Becomes more aware of the job market and industry trends
  4. Participates in professional development sessions customized to address mentor needs


The Mentor Engagement:

Mentors commit to a total of 4 hours over 3 months. Meetings can be in person, online or over the phone. The mentoring coach supports the mentor and mentee through these four months, providing advice, resources, communication and relationship support as necessary. There will be a few activities which need to be undergone with the mentee in order to increase the effectiveness of the process.


The Process:

  1. For application, send an email to mentoring@cxoclub.orgwith a brief write up on the reasons for providing mentorship or becoming a mentee.
  2. Once the mentors and mentees have been matched by our team, there is an orientation session which prepares both of them for their roles in the relationship.
  3. After the orientation session, mentors and mentees meet in person for the first time to agree upon the goals of the mentoring relationship.
  4. At the conclusion of the mentoring relationship, both mentors and mentees provide evaluative feedback.