Leadership in an Age of Digital Disruption | Vishwanadh Raju | CXO Awards 2022

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Digital disruption is the biggest challenge facing leaders today. With technology changing at an ever-increasing pace, companies must constantly adapt to stay ahead of the curve. Leaders must be able to anticipate disruptions and lead their organizations through them.

The biggest challenge for leaders is that they must make decisions without complete information. They must be able to assess the risks and opportunities of new technologies and make decisions that will create value for their organizations. This can be a difficult task, as there is often no right or wrong answer.

Leaders must also be able to manage change within their organizations. With digital disruptions, there is often a need for organizational change. Leaders must be able to lead this change and ensure that their employees are on board with the new direction.

Digital disruptions present a huge challenge for leaders, but they also present a great opportunity. Those who are able to successfully navigate these challenges will find themselves in a position of strength within their industries.

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